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Love and remorse...


Baby I had a dream last nite,
hallways reaching past my sight and you,
baby you were calling my name;
Passing shadows as I chased you down,
left and right and all around,
I long for you

Are you with me?
If I ask, will you stay?
Are you with me?
Oh please don't turn away

Like a fire in my arms tonight,
I felt you warmth and saw your light;
I was dreaming of you here by my side;
Cause in the mist of you I'm safe sound
I'd stay forever - hold my ground;
I long for you...

But now I feel the waking world beyond my bed,
and its a world without you in it;
A cold reunion with the memories in my head;
I was a fool, and now you're gone,
and finally I remember most of a sad farewell;
Your parting words were I, "I just need some time"
Oh, the thought of it...

Are you me?
Are you with me tonight?
Are you with me tonight?
Oh maybe it's not too late;
Are you with me tonight?
It's such a lonely feeling,
Cause we're one in the same and I love you;
Are you with me tonight?
Oh the darkness was behind me;
I can't eat, I can't sleep, I can't even close my eyes without thinking of you;
Are you with me tonight?
Listen to your heart and let it tell the story