Everything In Between - On Harpeth River Records
In September, 2014 Jeffrey shared several YouTube videos with Grammy-winning producer Will Ackerman, founder of Windham Hill Records, which prompted Will to suggest they should make a record together - and the project was born. Jeffrey flew up to Brattleboro, VT the last week in January, 2015 and laid down the basic guitar tracks to 8 of the 9 cuts in Ackerman's Imaginary Road Studios (IRS) for what would become the album Everything In Between. The final day of the week cellist Eugene Friesen (Paul Winter Consort) joined them and played his overdub tracks for the album and Noah Wilding performed her vocals.

Jeffrey returned to IRS in April, 2015 and recorded Acadia Walk, laid down the melody slide parts for Jackie's Grace, provided additional guitar overdubs for Southern Night In The Woods, and then two days were spent with Tony Levin recording his bass parts and Jeff Haynes laying down all his percussion. Will then arranged sessions with Michael Manring (bass), Charlie Bisharat (violin) and Premik Russell Tubbs (saxophone) to round out the guest appearances on the album.

Jeffrey meanwhile recorded additional guitars for My Grand Gift and Michael's Journey in his Nashville JSS Studios as well as providing all the original tracks for Southern Night In The Woods, recorded July, 2013 with Paul Patterson (violin, viola & cello; Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, Faux Frenchmen) during Paul's Nashville visit to tape the video 2000 Years Ago.

Co-producer / senior engineer Tom Eaton  then integrated all the guitar overdubs, added keyboard, Hammond organ and bass tracks, and contributed Steve Bankuti's drum track to Acadia Walk. The album was then mixed and mastered by Tom.

Remarks Jeffrey: "I was attracted to Will Ackerman in the first place because Windham Hill earned a second-to-none reputation for stellar, bigger-than-life recordings of acoustic instruments and ensembles. This album has been a refreshing project because of the degree to which we focused on a melodic experience, presenting the songs themselves instead of brandishing technique or just making the music a platform for personal solo accomplishment. I actually only play one solo on the entire record and it's in the middle of My Grand Gift."

Jeffrey is now working on a recording project in Nashville that will mix instrumentals and vocals in more of an Americana genre while he continues to book solo guitar concerts and expand this body of instrumental work since they blend well together. Follow-up projects with Ackerman & Eaton are intended and will probably appear as crowd-funding opportunities in the future.
Produced by Will Ackerman, Tom Eaton & Jeffrey Seeman

Tony Levin, bass guitar & NS Designs upright bass
Jackie's Grace, My Grand Gift, Let's Go!, Acadia Walk

Michael Manring, Zon bass guitar
5 Days Old

Jeff Haynes, percussion
5 Days Old, Jackie's Grace, My Grand Gift, Let's Go!

Charlie Bisharat, violin
Michael's Journey, My Grand Gift

Eugene Friesen, cello
Ever Present Always, Jackie's Grace, Southern Night In The Woods

Tom Eaton, bass, keyboards, Hammond organ
5 Days Old, Jackie's Grace, Michael's Journey, Let's Go, Acadia Walk

Premik Russell Tubbs - saxophone
Point Well Taken, Let's Go!

Paul Patterson, violin, viola & cello
Southern Night In The Woods

The elusive Noah Wilding, vocals